Ubuntu release notes not as official as you think

A lot of people, when talking about Ubuntu 8.10 alpha, or beta, refer to http://ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/alphaX or http://ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta when they mention a new feature. In fact, even the writer of the Intrepid Ibex [Screenshot] Chronicles is not aware of the thing I am going to reveal now. Look what he has written in his Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 6 Screenshot Tour:

· The GNOME desktop is at version 2.23.92 (that means 2.24 Beta 2) and NOT 2.23.91 as the Ubuntu developers noted in the release announcement for Alpha 6 (see the first picture in the first row);

He is simply not aware that the release notes is not written ALL by the developers. All you have to do is edit this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex/TechnicalOverview , then some developers take a very, very quick look, and just post it on http://ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/X.

Wow! How easy, huh? Even YOU can just edit it and your changes would be displayed for all to see!

Strangely, everything emphasized in the "official" release notes, the author of the Intrepid Ibex Chronicles emphasize in his screenshot tours. If I edited the TechnicalOverview page and added a huge section titled "NewHuman theme renamed to DarkRoom", or "Firefox 3.0.3 build9042 updated to Firefox 3.0.3 build9043", he would without doubt write a whole paragraph on the subject in his RC screenshot tour, whereat if it weren't added, he wouldn't even think of typing those words.

Maybe the reason the release notes are always so full of grammatical and absurd mistakes is because of the fact that the page is so well hidden. An example of this is the Totem BBC plugin, which is a significantly less important feature than Nautilus tab support. But somehow, it has gotten its own huge section, when Nautilus just has one sentence under the section
GNOME 2.24. This is absurdly out of order, as Totem is part of GNOME and therefore should be under the section GNOME 2.24.

Of course, the final release note for the final release of 8.10 is written by the developers. However, it's not a release note in the normal sense. It has no screenshots and describes no features. That's because Ubuntu's sole purpose of having release notes for final releases is to warn users of known bugs and known workarounds.


I forgot to include information regarding screenshots in the 8.10 release notes. Did anyone notice that in the alpha, beta, RC screenshots that there was NO screenshots? Another credit to the TechnicalOverview page being so well hidden.

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